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Bust Plus is unique among breast enlargement formulations in that it is available either in the form of capsules or in a liquid. Both Bust Plus formulas have the same active ingredients.

Bust Plus capsules come in a bottle of 240 total capsules, a 30-day supply. Bust Plus liquid comes in a 4-oz. bottle, about a 24-day supply.

Bust Plus : effective ingredients

The Bust Plus formula contains saw palmetto and wild yam, in addition to red raspberry. This latter ingredient is frequently used by herbalists and naturopaths to help balance female hormones and reduce the symptoms of PMS and other menstruation-related issues.

Bust Plus liquid consists of extracts of the same herbs as in the capsules, above. Our testers did not notice a significant advantage in one formula over the other.

How to use Bust Plus

Four Bust Plus capsules are to be taken morning and night. Caffeine and carbonated beverages are to be avoided, and water intake should be increased to 64 oz. minimum per day.

Bust Plus liquid is to be taken morning and evening, 1/2 teaspoon per dose. The same dietary restrictions apply.

Bust Plus results: our evaluation

Bust Plus met with mixed results among our volunteers. Many experienced stomach pains and constipation while taking Bust Plus. A minority reported a slight increase in bust size - but far more complained of digestive troubles than experienced actual benefits from taking this product. This earned Bust Plus the lowest rating of the products we reviewed.

How does Bust Plus compare?

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