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Pills are better deal than liquid

Abby D., Henderson, NV

My cup size increased from: to

Bust Plus is available in both pill and liquid form, but you get a better deal in the long run if you order the pills. A bottle of Bust Plus capsules will last for 30 days, but the liquid only lasts for a little over three weeks. The product worked fairly well for me--I gained a cup size in about nine months' time.

Drink lots of water when using Bust Plus!

Christie L., Charlotte, NC

My cup size did not increase: to

I ordered Bust Plus because I was sick of trying to find clothes that flattered my 34A chest. The one thing that was a real nuisance when taking this product is that I had to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. I was running for the bathroom constantly since I am not used to drinking that much water at a time! I was supposed to give up caffeinated beverages too, and I struggled a bit with that. Bust Plus did make my breasts look a little larger, but my bra size stayed the same. I don't use it anymore but I am willing to try another product.

Bust Plus gave me stomach pains

Brooke F., Grand Forks, ND

My cup size did not increase: to

I had a really bad experience with constipation and stomach pains while using Bust Plus. As much as I'd like to increase the size of my 36B breasts, it is not worth the side effects that I had to deal with. Within a few days of starting the Bust Plus pills, I was getting sharp pains in my stomach throughout the day and night. I ended up needing to buy a constipation product so that I could get relief. Needless to say, I stopped using Bust Plus pretty quickly.

Long trial period

Denise M., Baker City, OR

My cup size did not increase: to

Bust Plus didn't really make any major changes to my breast size. I started out as a B cup and I'm still a B cup three months later. The one thing that really irritated me was the fact that I had to keep Bust Plus for a 90-day trial period even though I could tell after a month or two that it wasn't working well for me. After doing research on other breast enhancement products, I see that many of them offer a 60-day trial. I'll be ordering one of those in the hopes that it works better than Bust Plus. I'm just glad that I'm finally able to return it.

Not many ordering options

Tori B., Fresno, CA

My cup size increased from: to

I wasn't sure about ordering Bust Plus in the beginning because I had to commit to either a three- or six-month supply right off the bat. I think they should offer supplies that only last for a month or two initially, just in case the formula doesn't work for someone. I was fortunate because Bust Plus gave me the little boost in size that I was looking for--I went from a 36B to a 36C. I chose to order the three-month supply at first and I'll probably order more now.