Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager

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Is it possible to perform a special type of gymnastics with your breasts which also make them fuller and perkier? Well, according to one woman, Takiko Shindo, it is. She is a popular 'midwife to the stars' from Japan who claims that her unique brand of personal breast massage - nicknamed "breast gymnastics" - can loosen the ligaments which tighten against your muscles with age and (allegedly) cause breast sagging. Since it would be prohibitively expensive for most women to get this magical breast massage from Takiko herself, she designed a pretty, pink massage tool in the shape of her own hand to help you perform your own breast gymnastics at home. And before you ask "why can't I just use my own hands?", it's because her device "can reach places that your hands just can't".

Boob Gymnastics Hand Massager: Effective Ingredients

There's no active ingredient per se, just the tool itself. It isn't even 100% clear whether it comes with any supplemental instructions on how to use it properly.

How to Use the Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager

Breast Gymnastics Hand MassagerProduct videos on YouTube show Takiko raking her rose-colored demon claw across the chest, sides, and upper backs of young women who naively hope that her massage voodoo will give them fuller, perkier breasts and reduce sagging. One would hope that you receive an explicit set of instructions, or maybe a demonstrational DVD with your purchase of one of these massage claws. Unfortunately, most of the product descriptions we've seen only list the massage tool itself. Therefore, it's hard to tell whether you will be taught how to use it (preferably by a mysterious gypsy with a magic talisman), or whether you'll be left to figure it out for yourself.

Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager: Our Evaluation

For starters, the claim that 'ligaments connecting to the muscle create sagging' is dubious at best, if not flat-out anatomically false. It's possible that something got lost in the Japanese-English translation, because that entire sentence makes no sense to anyone with even the tiniest bit of knowledge regarding the human body. If anything, you want your connective tissue to be firm and you want strong, well-developed chest muscles in order to prevent sagging breasts. You could probably do more for yourself by squeezing in a few sets of wall push-ups per day than by raking a hand-shaped massage claw across your flesh.

How Does the Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager Compare?

As a creepy prop at a Halloween party, a leaf rake for the world's tiniest yard, or a fork for a Brooklyn hipster with some very strange gastronomical tastes, this product will likely surpass the competition in both performance and aesthetic quality. As a breast enhancement massage tool, however, we have yet to see any conclusive proof that it isn't a waste of money.

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