Perfect Woman Breast Cream Reviews

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While many of the most popular breast enhancement products deliver their ingredients in the form of a pill, some companies also produce creams. Perfect Woman Breast Cream is one of these.

According to their website, Perfect Woman Breast Cream is superior to supplements taken in pill or capsule form because the ingredients can be absorbed directly through the skin, delivering them right to the areas you wish them to work on, while supplements in pill form must travel through the digestive system before they can be effective. Other websites, of course, say that it’s difficult if not impossible to absorb sufficient quantities of the necessary ingredients through the skin, and that a pill is much more effective. A combination of the two types of products might be the best solution to this conundrum.

Perfect Woman Breast Enhancement Results

Perfect Woman Breast Cream features numerous testimonials, including video testimonials, of women who’ve used the product to satisfactory effect. Women report a size increase of up to one full cup size, as well as increased firmness and reduction in PMS and menopausal symptoms. Perfect Woman Breast Cream also makes a point to note that their product will work for men, as well. This is likely true for any breast enhancement product, though others don’t mention it as a selling point.

Perfect WomanPerfect Woman Breast Cream Ingredients

The main ingredient in Perfect Woman Breast Cream is wild yam extract, an estrogenic herb. Wild yam stimulates growth of breast tissue and also causes water retention in the breasts, both of which will increase size and firmness.

Other ingredients in Perfect Woman Breast Cream include saw palmetto, Dong Quai, fennel, fenugreek, and kava kava. The only ingredient whose effects are explained on the site is wild yam extract.

Perfect Woman Breast Cream Cost

A month’s supply of Perfect Woman Breast Cream costs $69.95. If you buy two jars, you can get one free, and if you buy three, you’ll get three free for a cost of $34.97 per jar. However, in order to get this best price, you must invest a little over $200. Perfect Woman Breast Cream mentions a money-back guarantee, but the details aren’t readily apparent on the site.

Does Perfect Woman Breast Cream Work?

Perfect Woman Breast Cream states that it produces results in as little as four weeks, with increases from one-half to two full cup sizes in three months. This is a bit faster than reported with several other products, but is within the usual time frame.

Whether a cream is truly more effective than a pill or capsule supplement is uncertain. Perhaps the best solution to this conundrum would be a product that offers both supplements and a cream, such as Perfect Curves.

How does Perfect Woman Breast Cream Compare?

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