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Rated: 4.5 out of 5
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Fem Shape is an herbal breast enlargement program that includes both a capsule and a topical, phytoestrogen gel. The method of action is hormone-balancing, allowing a woman's body to produce the compounds required to create new breast tissue. This is a similar method of action to the top-rated breast enlargement product.

A 30-day supply of Fem Shape capsules, 240 total, are supplied in each bottle. Fem Shape gel is supplied in a convenient 2-oz. pump. The individual components of the Fem Shape system are not sold individually.

Fem Shape ingredients

Learn more about FemShape for breast enlargementThe key active ingredient in the Fem Shape formula is wild yam root. Wild yam is a widely-recognized herb that contains a phytoestrogen (literally, "plant estrogen" or plant-based compound that is chemically identical to progesterone). Wild yam is the best-known source of estrogen-like effects without the dangers of artificial hormone therapy or hormone replacement therapy.

Other herbal ingredients in the Fem Shape formula include saw palmetto, passion flower, red raspberry and dong quai. These ingredients are widely recognized by herbalists as hormone-balancers. The manufacturers of Fem Shape state that the blend of herbal ingredients has a synergistic effect that is more than the action of the individual herbs, but of course this claim is impossible to test.

How to use Fem Shape

Four Fem Shape capsules should be taken morning and evening. Taking capsules at mealtimes is recommended. The gel is to be applied to the breasts twice per day as well. According to reader feedback the gel, which has a faint scent of roses, is absorbed quite quickly by the skin.

The manufacturers of Fem Shape recommend chest exercises which aid in blood flow to the bust. These are non-strenuous exercises that most likely will contribute to improved final results.

Fem Shape results: our evaluation

Our volunteer testers reported excellent results with Fem Shape. This product was one of the few that produced results in not only breast size, but also in the firmness and tightness of the breasts. Fem Shape would be an excellent product for women who seek to tighten and tone their bust.

Overall, our testers reported an extremely high rate of satisfaction with Fem Shape. The only side effects reported were rare cases of mild gastric discomfort when the capsules were taken on an empty stomach.

Based on this information we feel confident awarding Fem Shape a positive recommendation. You can learn more about Fem Shape at www.femshape.com

How does Fem Shape compare?

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