Contour Breast Cream Review

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Contour Breast Cream is designed to enlarge the breasts as well as firm and tone the bust line, without the necessity of potentially harmful drugs or expensive surgery. Contour Breast Cream is sold in a four ounce container and directions state that Contour Breast Cream should be massaged into the breasts twice daily. It may also be used in conjunction with breast enlargement pills. The manufacture also does not state if the results, if any, are permanent. The theory behind Contour Breast Cream is that hormone imbalance leads to poor developments of the breasts and may be partially or entirely responsible for sagging or shrinking breasts.

Contour Breast Cream Ingredients

The ingredients are all natural and FDA approved (note that this approval does not imply effectiveness, just medical safety). Wild yam is one of the main active ingredients, which is known to help regulate hormones and is sometimes used for breast tenderness or menopause. It also contains Dong Quai, dandelion root, oat bran, motherwort, blessed thistle, sabal, and damiana in a base of safflower oil and cetyl alcohol.

Contour Breast Cream Benefits

Recommended use is for three to six months or longer and it purports to be able to increase breast size by one to three cup sizes during that time. The breasts absorb the ingredients in the cream, which are designed to balance hormones. Contour Breast Cream claims to have an impact on breast size in just weeks, and also claims to reduce PMS symptoms as well as help correct female reproductive issues. It claims to have no adverse side effects except pains that may commence upon initial use, which it attributes to “growing pains”.

Buy Contour Breast Cream

Contour Breast Cream is available at a number of retailers. It may be found at stores that specialize in breast enlargement products as well as vitamin/nutrition shops. Prices range from about $20 to $30 per four ounce container (with most retailers charging the high end of that range) plus shipping and handling charges if purchased online. As the recommended use is twice a day for a minimum of three to six months, and the effectiveness of Contour Breast Cream is supposed to be enhanced by using a larger quantity, several containers will need to be purchased to assure maximum effectiveness.

Does Contour Breast Cream work?

Several websites selling Contours Breast Cream state that medical studies have been conducted with test subjects utilizing the cream. The alleged result of these studies is that claims have been documented of one half inch of breast enlargement occurring within 45 days. However, it does not supply any sources for substantiation to these claims. Customer reviews claim the product did seem to have some impact on both breast firmness and size, although the results were not nearly as dramatic as the claims, and many users felt that the cream was messy and inconvenient as well as expensive. There were some claims of reduced breast tenderness during periods but this might also be attributable to the twice-daily massage necessitated by use of Contours Breast Cream rather than ingredients in the cream.

How does Contour Breast Cream compare?

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