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I wish I had tried a natural product instead

Casey H., Dothan, AL

My cup size increased from: to

I made the decision to have the Natrelle breast implants inserted because I just didn't think that any of the herbal formulas would actually work. I was desperate for larger breasts because I wore a 32AA bra and was as flat as a board. The surgery itself went well enough, and my breasts are now size 32C and look pretty natural. The thing is, one of my friends recently tried an herbal formula which increased her breast size by two cups! She didn't need to have any expensive procedure done. I should have tried that first before spending the money on surgery.

Breasts look good, but they're very sensitive

Leanne V., Ansonia, CT

My cup size increased from: to

I had the Natrelle silicone implants put in about seven months ago. I do like they way they look--I went from a 36B to a 36D, which is perfect for my larger build. The only issue that I've had following the Natrelle procedure is that my breasts are very sensitive to the touch. I have to be careful about bumping into things while I'm walking or playing with my kids. I hope that this feeling will subside after a while. Women who are considering Natrelle should be prepared for this side effect, just in case.

Very expensive!

Mari Z., Newark, DE

My cup size increased from: to

I knew since the time I was 15 years old that I wanted to have breast implant surgery as soon as I could afford it. I saved money throughout the years and was finally able to have the Natrelle implants inserted last year. My breasts look nice and I haven't had any major problems, but now that I've met some people who had good results with capsules and creams, I wonder if I made the right decision. I did spend a lot of money on Natrelle in order to get my 34C breasts. I would recommend that other women try the herbal solutions first.

Silicone gel Natrelle implants look nice

Nichole P., Vidalia, GA

My cup size increased from: to

I'm very happy with my Natrelle breast implants. I chose to have the silicone gel implants rather than the saline ones, because they seemed like they would hold their shape better. So far, so good....I'm a perfect 36C and I get lots of compliments. Natrelle is expensive and I know that there are risks associated with the procedure, so I do advise other women to consider all of their options before deciding what's best for them.

Be aware of surgery complications

Nadia G., Duluth, MN

My cup size increased from: to

I like my Natrelle implants but unfortunately I had some complications after my surgery. The incision site became infected and would bleed on and off. It took a good two months before the area healed enough so that I could stop wearing a bandage. My breasts are still super-sensitive too, and now that I've heard some horror stories about implants rupturing, I'm a little nervous about the same thing happening to me. My 34C breasts look good, but the process wasn't without its problems.