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Bust Fuel is not a good product

Maureen Y., Chandler, AZ

My cup size did not increase: to

Simply put, Bust Fuel did not work for me at all! My natural breast size is 34B, and I wanted to increase that to a 34C. I thought it would be fairly easy to do with a product like Bust Fuel, so I ordered a four-month supply. Four months later, my breasts are still size 34B. They aren't even the slightest bit firmer. I took three pills a day as was recommended, but nothing happened. I'm sorry that I ever tried it.

Total waste of time

Connie M., Hershey, PA

My cup size did not increase: to

Bust Fuel was nothing but a complete waste of time, not to mention money. My breasts didn't grow at all, and i faithfully used the product for a few months. I thought that the list of natural ingredients sounded impressive and I really got my hopes up about having larger breasts--I'm a 32A and would like to be a 32C. That didn't even come close to happening with Bust Fuel. I'm going to return it and do some more research on other enhancement products.

Barely any results at all

Jessa W., Monroe, LA

My cup size did not increase: to

Bust Fuel's website may claim that the pills can increase your breast size by as much as half a cup per month, but that sure wasn't the case when I took them! I tried Bust Fuel for three months and didn't even grow half a cup size in that amount of time! The only change I noticed is that my breasts are slightly more lifted than before. I guess something is better than nothing, but that small improvement isn't enough to convince me to order more Bust Fuel. I want larger breasts and I'll keep looking for a product that will make it happen.

Fairly cheap, but still not worth the money

Tiffany C., Kenosha, WI

My cup size did not increase: to

On the plus side, Bust Fuel is reasonably priced. I ordered a two-month supply for $90, and that package included some nice savings. The problem is that the pills don't really work that well. I'm not even close to being a B cup after taking Bust Fuel for six weeks. The advertisement made it sound like I would see some results by now. All in all, the low price doesn't mean much when the product doesn't deliver the goods, and that was my experience with Bust Fuel.

Sent my supply back

Kira L., Hopkinsville, KY

My cup size did not increase: to

I'm glad that Bust Fuel offers a 100% refund, because I took full advantage of it. I tried this product for almost three months and my breasts didn't change a bit in size, firmness, or tone. They're still rather saggy and still size 36B. When I realized that Bust Fuel was a complete failure for me, I sent both my opened and unopened bottles back and received my refund. At least I have some money that I can use toward buying another breast enlargement product.