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I've had a really good experience with Breast Actives.

E.R. San Jose, CA

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I've had a really good experience with Breast Actives. When I was younger, my breasts were naturally firm and perky, but they had started to noticeably sag once I reached my mid-40s. They had shrunk a bit too - I went from a C cup to a B cup. After I started taking the Breast Actives tablets and following their online exercise program, my breasts regained their firmness and I was fitting nicely into a C cup again! I've been using Breast Actives for eight months and I plan to continue!

Breast Actives needs more ordering options

H.L. East Rutherford, NJ

My cup size increased from: to

For the most part, I've been satisfied with the Breast Actives program. The only minor complaint I have is that there weren't a lot of choices available when it came to ordering quantities of the product. The one-month and two-month packages weren't very cost effective, and I was hesitant to purchase more than that initially. In terms of quality, though, Breast Actives worked very well. I went from a 34A to a 34C in about six months, and I have decided to continue using the product! I love my new figure.

I wish Breast Actives had been around when I was a teenager!

V.A. Dallas, TX

My cup size increased from: to

It seemed like I tried every gimmick in the book back then in an attempt to make my extremely tiny breasts grow. Nothing worked, of course, and I had pretty much accepted that I'd never be bigger than a AA cup. When my friend told me about Breast Actives, I thought for sure that it must be another gimmick. Was I ever wrong! Breast Actives allowed me to increase my chest size naturally and safely with its herbal formula, and I really enjoyed the online exercises too. If someone had told me a year ago that I'd be wearing a B cup bra, I would have never believed it. Thanks, Breast Actives!

Breast Actives website is annoying

Y.S. Salt Lake City, UT

My cup size increased from: to

Breast Actives really lives up to its promises! I had tried another breast enhancement product that did absolutely nothing to make my chest grow, so I wasn't all that hopeful when I found the Breast Actives website. The testimonials convinced me to try it, and aside from the annoying pop-ups that appeared on my screen, the ordering process was a breeze. Breast Actives is so effective that I started noticing changes in my breasts after only a few weeks. I'm still using it faithfully nine months later, and I've gone from a 34B to a 34D. My husband loves my new curvy body and so do I!

Breast Actives has given me confidence…

C.G. Orlando, FL

My cup size increased from: to

Breast Actives has given me confidence that I never had before! I finally have a large enough chest to fill out those cute little halter tops and baby doll tee-shirts. I used to wear very baggy tops in an attempt to hide just how small my breasts were. I wore an A cup bra and didn't even fill it totally. Now I wear a very full B cup bra and my friends are all jealous of my perfect chest!