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Extremely overpriced!

Susan F., Bangor, ME

My cup size increased from: to

If I had known beforehand how expensive Bloussant is in comparison to other breast enhancement pills, I would never have purchased it. I should have done my own research, but since a friend recommended Bloussant, I just went ahead and ordered some. My breasts only grew half a cup size in two months' time, so the product was definitely not worth the high cost. Now that I know there are other formulas that work better and are more affordable, I won't be buying Bloussant again.

Bloussant didn't work for me

Tina J., Concord, NH

My cup size increased from: to

I really had high hopes that Bloussant would help my breasts grow. It seemed to be a high quality product based on its price. My breasts are size 36A, and I have always wanted to wear a C cup bra, so I gave Bloussant a try. I took the pills consistently for six months and nothing much happened. I felt a bit of swelling in my chest, but it wasn't substantial enough for me to need new bras. I'm very disappointed and I hope Bloussant works better for other women than it did for me.

Minor changes only

Liz B., Newport, RI

My cup size increased from: to

I won't say that Bloussant was completely ineffective, because it did make my breast tissue tighten a little and I went from a small B cup to a fuller B. However, I wouldn't recommend this product to any woman who wants to increase her breast size by one or two cups. Bloussant is fine if you're happy with minor changes only. I followed all of the directions perfectly but didn't experience the growth that I was wishing for.

Why does Bloussant cost so much?

Melinda T., Park City, UT

My cup size increased from: to

I just don't understand why Bloussant is so expensive. I didn't know much about breast enhancement formulas before I tried it, and I figured that it must work really well considering what it cost. Not only did Bloussant do practically nothing to increase my A-cup breasts, but I also discovered that the product ingredients were no different than those found in less expensive formulas. I can't believe that I wasted money on Bloussant when I could have been using something else that actually worked. There is nothing about the product that justifies the hefty price tag.

Lots of filler ingredients

Natalie I., Knoxville, TN

My cup size didn't increase to

I try to use natural products whenever possible, so when I read that Bloussant was an herbal formula, I couldn't wait to try it. I have never been happy with the way my breasts look--they are size 34AA and I always need to buy push-up bras in an effort to make it look like I have cleavage. I knew that I didn't want to have surgery and Bloussant sounded like the ideal product. Unfortunately, I discovered that the formula is loaded with filler ingredients in addition to some herbs. I didn't use Bloussant for very long because I want a product that is not filled with artificial substances.