Average Female Breast Size

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A lot of women wonder about their breast size. Are their breasts big enough? Do they at least have an average breast size? How big are the average breasts? Should they increase their breast size?

The simple truth is breast size is important. It’s what attracts males, and women want to make sure they have a good breast size and a nice body. It’s important for their self-confidence.

Do you have average breasts? Keep reading to discover how average boob size shakes out here in America.

Average Breasts: What's the average size?

Average breast size

44% of American women have a B cup. It’s pretty much right in the middle, thus meaning that if you have a B cup you’re considered to have average breasts. The C cup group has the second highest percentage of women, with 28% of American females having a C cup. A cup is next in line with 15% and D cup accounts for 10% of all women.

Now, there is some talk that average breast size is actually increasing in America due to more and more women being overweight. Some reports have even claimed the average breast size is now up to 36DD, but that seems a bit hard to believe.

Average Boob Size: Why some women think bigger is better

A growing number of women are dissatisfied with their average boob size and deciding to do something about it. Why do women want bigger than average breasts?

Women want bigger than average breasts for a number of reasons, and there are many methods they use to get them. Most recently, natural breast enhancement supplements have become a popular alternative to cosmetic surgery as the supplements tend to be safer and much more affordable.

Average Boobs: What to do about it

If you’re tired of having average boobs and you want something a little better, you have a range of options available to you. We encourage you to take a hard look at breast enhancement supplements. Many natural products are delivering remarkable results to women, allowing them to increase their breast size without having expensive, dangerous cosmetic surgery.

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